Job Opportunities:
General Manager


Direct company business activities and operational development. Set corporate policy and goals, and establish objectives and business practices. Coordinate business development strategies and lead contract negotiations with clients, partners, contractors and suppliers, and seek and evaluate new business opportunities. Coordinate development and execution of operations and supply chain management strategies to ensure timely completion of construction projects. Manage the procurement bid schedule to ensure timely execution of subcontracts and purchase agreements. Direct construction managers, project managers, architects and contractors and manage company resources throughout all project phases including conceptual planning, schematic, design development, construction, deficiencies and project close-out. Oversee financial management and accounting activities. Review and approve budgets, financial plans, and business development plans. Plan, organize and implement departmental goals and objectives. Interview and hire new employees. Supervise 8 professional employees.


Requires: Master’s degree in Construction Management or Civil Engineering and 2 years’ experience in Construction Management or Civil Engineering. 

Job location is: 240 Riverside Boulevard, Ste 2, New York, NY 10023. 
Mail resumes to:  Igor Akopov, DCD Construction LLC, 1209 Dekalb Ave., Ste 207, Brooklyn, NY 11221